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Winner is a 2009 dark comedy brickfilm by KrickFilms. It follows a dog who seeks vengeance after being made sleep outside of his owners' house to accommodate for their new baby.[1] It was an entry to the sixth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and would go on to win first place.[2]


A couple show their new baby to their dog, Rover. They promise that this new member of the family won't make anything different, but decide that Rover must sleep outside of the house for a while in case the baby is allergic to dogs. At night, Rover stands in the garden while it rains and he becomes unhappy. He decides to run from the garden and heads to a gun shop.

After purchasing a gun, Rover props up some bottles outside and uses them for target practice. He returns to his home where he enters the bedroom of his owners and shoots them. He then takes the baby from its crib and leaves it in his kennel outside. Rover gets into the baby's crib and wags his tail as "Winner!" flashes on-screen.[1]

References Edit

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