Brickfilms Wiki News

Welcome to the first regular news bulletin for the Brickfilms Wiki. The frequency of these is still be determined but they should be released at least a couple of times a month. Below are the significant developments on the wiki for the last few weeks.

On the wiki

French Community Pages

There have been a number of new pages in the 'community' section of the wiki with the French community's website Brick à Brack gaining a new page as well as the competition Les Brickstars. (Special thanks to Aiwha for his help here)

250 Pages

In case you hadn't noticed this wiki has reached over 250 pages. This milestone coincides nicely with the wiki's recent announcement on Bricks in Motion and its potential friendship with Brickipedia, the LEGO wiki.

Wanted Content

A list of the most linked to non-existing pages on the wiki can be found at Special:WantedPages.

At Category:Site maintenance there are sub categories containing pages with all kinds of problems that need fixing. For example:

It would be fantastic if some of the pages currently listed in the site maintenance could be worked on.

General News forum data lost?

In the last week or so, all threads on appear to have been blanked, bar the first post of them. Hopefully this a temporary issue with the site, although if it isn't, a great amount of brickfilming history will mostly likely be lost. It will also make locating information for this wiki from there much more difficult.

Bricks in Motion Documentary

Philip Heinrich's Bricks in Motion Documentary has wrapped up filming interviews.

Current Forum Discussions

Message from author

These last few weeks have been fantastic for the wiki. Hopefully we can keep improving this place and welcome many more new contributors.

-BoatsAreRockable (talk) 21:12, February 24, 2015 (UTC)

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