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The protagonist works hard at his new job
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Twelve Bucks is a 1998 brickfilm by Rob Weychert. It is about a man and his new job, where there is more going on than meets the eye.[1]

Plot Edit

The unnamed protagonist needs a job. After seeing an ad in the middle of the night, he drives to Tas-T-Land Inc. and is hired immediately. He is shown around the control room by his new manager Sammy, and starts working the next day. In the morning, he works with the baking equipment, which involved sealing off the area if radiation got too high. In the afternoon, the protagonist handled exporting Instant Corn Brand Munchies, or ICBM for short.

Work continues like this for a while, with the protagonist occasionally accidentally walking into meetings where chemical weapons sales stats were begin discussed. The protagonist calls the experience a positive one, concluding "Twelve bucks an hour to push buttons? You can't beat it!"[1]

References Edit

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