• Sorry I haven't been around these parts for a while, however I noticed something that bothered me a bit. It appears that link to this wiki in their top navigation bar which gives the false impression to visitors that this wiki is associated with them.

    In fact our partners (admittedly something that not much has been done with) over on Brickipedia were confused about this:

    This is certainly not as bad as the Brickfilms subreddit which is also in the top navigation but in addition gets embedded in an iframe on the site.

    Anyway, I was wondering if it was worth us putting some sort of disclaimer that this wiki is not associated with in any way? Also Penta, with your new "power" would you be interested in forming more of a formal partnership between this wiki and BiM? :p

    Edit: Actually it looks like to Brickipedia guys got confused by something else, nevertheless the rest of my post is still valid.

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    • I actually was thinking about adding a disclaimer just a few days ago, so now seems like a good time. If you want to discuss anything, I'll be in chat.

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