• Hi Sillypenta! I noticed you had flagged my page for Notability. Bummer! I just wanted to bring up some things that make me notable.

    My BrickFilm's have been in 9 film festivals worldwide. They've also won 6 awards. Addition to the festivals and awards, they've also won on a few contests hosted by users.

    My BrickFilm Life Of Savings was the first BrickFilm to win the Light's, Camera, Save! national competition. Earning me $5,250 and a paid trip.

    I feel as if I'm notable enough to have my page stay. Do I have thousands of views and subscribers? No. I'm busy in film festivals, letting the world see my films and don't worry about views. Thank you.

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    • My BrickFilm Camping Misadventures is also on the IMDb... So is my upcoming, 10+ minutes BrickFilm Toy Soldier. I'm not sure of any other BrickFilmers who have their films on that site.

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    • Please see my post on your message wall.


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