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Thomas Evans
Thomas Evans circa 2014
Also Known As
  • ForlornCreature
  • legospaceman
Years Active
2009 - Present
Nationality Australia Flag Australian
Notable Works
Associated With

Thomas Evans is an Australian brickfilmer.[1] He is known for his various Minecraft-based films, most recently the Minecraft: Creepers series, and for Le Special, Fried Circuit and (Never) Meant To Be, three films which placed first in the tenth, twelfth and fourteenth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contests, respectively.

Filmography Edit

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Year Title Notes
2009 Exterminator[2]
2009 Exterminator Pt 2[3]
2009 The Break-Out[4]
2009 Legospaceman vs Emo[5]
2009 Star Wars: Traitor
2009 LEGO Animations
2009 LEGO Animations 2: Marty Goes Hunting
2009 Maxi Taxi
2009 Mission to Mars
2009 The Guard's Job
2009 Ninja Beggar
2009 Legospaceman 2: Hate Mail
2009 Star Wars: On the Phone
2009 Marty[6]
2009 Ninja Beggar - The Chainsaw
2009 Police Force
2009 Post Office Unfinished
2009 Star Wars: Outpost
2009 Obnoxious
2009 Break Out Pt 1
2009 Break Out Pt 2
2009 Exterminator Remake of first film
2009 Superhero Tournament
2009 Legospaceman vs Ninja Beggar
2010 Space Police Marines
2010 Brikwars: Animated - Turn 0
2010 Brikwars: Animated - Turn 1
2010 Brikwars: Animated - Turn 2
2011 LEGO Minecraft
2011 LEGO Minecraft - Diamonds!
2011 Ninjago RF Contest Entry First place winner of a contest hosted by "FluffyJetProductions"[7]
2011 Black Ops WMD Extract
2011 Battlefield 3 Gameplay
2011 Rainbow Family Servers
2012 Hunger Games - Cornucopia Bloodbath
2012 Adventures of LEGO Minecraft Pt 1
2012 Le Special Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X first place winner[8]
2013 Tycho Brahe: Sex Rocket
2013 Adventures of LEGO Minecraft Pt 2
2013 Harlem Shake Gunfight
2013 Tycho Brahe - Super Hot Robot[9]
2013 Adventures of LEGO Minecraft Pt 3
2013 Adventures of LEGO Minecraft Pt 4
2013 Adventures of LEGO Minecraft Pt 5
2013 The Police Delivery Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 11 second place winner[10]
2014 Adventures of LEGO Minecraft Pt 6
2015 Fried Circuit Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XII first place winner[11]
2015 Minecraft: Creepers Pt 1
2015 Minecraft: Creepers Pt 2
2015 Minecraft: Creepers Pt 3
2016 Squeeb Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIII entry
Co-production with Sean Warton
2016 Minecraft: Creepers Pt 4
2016 The Feud of Brick Hill
2017 (Never) Meant To Be Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIV first place winner
Co-production with Sean Warton

References Edit

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