The Season of Giving
"Seasons greetings and good tidings, all you people!"
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The Season of Giving is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Zach Macias. It is a follow-up to Merry Happy Whatever from 2005, and it is a parody of feel-good holiday specials.[1] It was an entry to the fourth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and ultimately placed second.[2]

Plot Edit

The host greets the viewers and declares the holiday season to be The Season of Giving. He calls on the viewers to reflect back on selfless acts on giving: A father gives his son a broken-down station wagon; a hyperactive child screams "Gimme gimme gimme" as his parent buys presents; the Terminator approaches some bystanders and demands their clothes; Ben and Andy fight over a Wii; a robber robs a woman.

The host, flustered, scrambles to regain his composure and wishes everyone "A merry happy whatever." Someone offscreen mutters "I don't."[1]

Cast Edit

References Edit

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