The Profession
The Agent infiltrates the offices of his target
Directed by
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Noir
Running time
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The Profession is a 2010 spy thriller brickfilm by Zach Macias. The story, a retrospective narrated by the unnamed protagonist, follows an agent who is assigned to gather information about a major arms dealer who sells weapons to terrorists.[1][2]


The agent is sent to gather information about the next move of a major arms dealer. After getting caught by the arms dealer, the agent is forced to fight. In the end, the arms dealer aims his gun at the agent, but the agent shoots first. The agent survives, and enjoys the benefits his particular career grants him after recovering for a time in the hospital.[1]



  • Zach Macias - Director, Writer, Editor, Animator
  • Ryan Macias - Music
  • Brett Robinson - Music

References Edit

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