The Dragon
The knight approaches the fearsome dragon
Directed by
Stefan van Zwam
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
Running time
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The Dragon is a 2005 adventure comedy brickfilm by Stefan van Zwam. It is about a boy who imagines himself fighting a dragon.[1] It was an entry into the Heroes and Villains Contest and placed fourth.[2]

Plot Edit

A boy is playing in his front yard when he decides to go on a quest. He packs his gear and sets forth to rescue the princess and slay a dragon. The boy stabs his sword into the dragon, which turns out to be the engine of the boy's father's car.

Awards Edit

The Dragon was nominated for the Best Animation category in the 2005 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts.[3]

References Edit

  1. The Dragon on YouTube
  2. Heroes and Villains Contest information
  3. 2005 BAMPA Awards Thread

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