Spirit of Adventure Contest
The Spirit of Adventure poster, designed by Nate Swihart
Start Date June 5, 2017
End Date September 10, 2017
Entries 24

The Spirit of Adventure Contest was a brickfilming competition hosted by Seán Willis on Bricks in Motion. It was the seventh Bricks in Motion summer contest, following the Sight & Sound Contest in 2016 and the first to be hosted by Willis, after he took over as administrator of the site earlier in 2017.

History Edit

With the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest becoming an official Bricks in Motion competition in 2017, a vote was held to determine whether it would overlap with the next summer contest as it had with previous summer contests, or if the summer contest would be delayed until after BRAWL. The vote decided that the overlap would remain.[1]

The Spirit of Adventure Contest was announced on the 5th of June 2017 with a deadline of September 10. The rules remain largely the same as the Sight & Sound contest, with a minimum time limit of one minute. The contest was sponsored by Dragonframe, Brickstuff and The LEGO Animation Book.

The theme of the contest was intended to focus more on story than the previous two Bricks in Motion summer contests, which had centered primarily around more technical aspects. The theme was decided in collaboration with Nathan Wells, who also named the contest. Philip Heinrich also provided assistance in the making of the contest.[2]

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
Alain Clément "4clem4" Persicot
Bob And Randy E2 - The Pirate Ship Internship Chris "Gold Brick Productions" Major
COLORBLIND "Shawarma Studios"
Curse of the Blue Angel 3 "Pia Films"
The Embodiment of Adventure "Undershadow Productions"
Horse Brother "Speak Broccoli"
Imagination Caleb "caleb'sbricks" Huizinga
A Journey Through Bullets Luke "Lunatic Productions" O'Looney
Journey to the Centre of the Brick - Part 1 Richard van de Steenoven
Legends of the Highlands Stéphane Triquoit
LEGO Cave Creature's Great Adventure Zachary "ZG Brickfilms" Gutherman
LEGO Hiking Adventure Eric "Leung Studios" Leung
Makaveli Kay "kreal" Chan
The Quest "Plastic Point Productions"
Quest for Life "Legoander"
Quest for the Silver Chicken Part 8 "Angel Hair"
The Shiny Knight "MrPelluke"
The Space Voyage "Stop Motion Hero"
Spirit of Adventure Nate Swihart
Spirit of Adventure "RenfefilM studio"
Spirit of the West Benjamin Ely
To the Moon Nathan Mellace
The Underground Tunnel Philip "Stopmotion Philms" Bronson
Wayward Tides William Osborne

Judging and prizes Edit

The contest was judged by a panel consisting of Seán Willis, Philip Heinrich, Bruno Lefèvre, David Pickett and Dave "Big Monkey" Smith. The judging system remained the same as preceding contests, with no formal set of criteria and the top ten rankings being released. The results were announed on October 18.[3]

There was a prize pool available to the top three ranking films. The available prizes were a copy of Dragonframe 4 with the recently introduced Bluetooth controller, a Brickstuff Pico LED light board starter kit and a sealed copy of 21305 Maze. All winners will additionally receive a digital copy of Bricks in Motion: The Documentary.

A new addition to the contest was the Promising Director Prize. This was for a newer or less experienced entrant who was showing great promise. The prize was a copy of The LEGO Animation Book signed by the authors, David Pagano and David Pickett.


Top 10
Place Film Name Director
1. Quest for Life Silent Frames
2. Horse Brother "Speak Broccoli"
3. Spirit of Adventure Nate Swihart
4. To the Moon Nathan Mellace
5. The Embodiment of Adventure "Undershadow Productions"
6. Wayward Tides William Osborne
7. Bob And Randy E2 - The Pirate Ship Internship Chris "Gold Brick Productions" Major
8. Alain Clément "4clem4" Persicot
9. COLORBLIND "Shawarma Studios"
10. Spirit of Adventure "RenfefilM studio"

The winner of the Promising Direcor prize was Makaveli by Kay "kreal" Chan.


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