Sight & Sound Contest
The Sight & Sound logo, designed by Philip Heinrich and Danielle DeMartini
Start Date June 1, 2016
End Date September 1, 2016
Entries 22

The Sight & Sound Contest was a brickfilming competition hosted by Philip Heinrich and Nathan Wells on Bricks in Motion in 2016. It was the sixth Bricks in Motion summer contest, following the Darkness and Light Contest. The theme centered around films with well-developed visuals and audio, with particular emphasis given to the sound. It was followed by the Spirit of Adventure Contest.


The contest was announced on the 1st of June 2016 with a deadline of September 1.[1] It was sponsored by Dragonframe and Brickstuff. The rules were similar to the Darkness and Light contest. There was a minimum time limit of 1 minute and no maximum time limit.

The contest description drew attention to the sound design of many brickfilms being an afterthought, citing this as a motivation for the theme of the contest.

Judging and PrizesEdit

The contest was judged by a panel consisting of Chris Boyer, Philip Heinrich, Thomas Evans and Nathan Wells. Steffen Troeger was also slated to judge, but was in the end unavailable. Like the Darkness and Light Contest, there was no formal list of judging criteria, but aspects such as animation, set design, cinematography, sound, story and theme interpretation would be considered. The results were announced on the 5th of October.[2][3]

Prizes were given for the top 3 placing films, in a prize pool format. The three available prize bundles were the Dragonframe bundle, containing a copy of Dragonframe and 31029 Cargo Heli, the Brickstuff bundle, containing eight Brickstuff Pico LED light boards and 31042 Super Soarer and the Blue Snowball bundle, containing a Blue Snowball microphone and 31043 Chopper Transporter.


Top 10
Place Film Name Director
1. Draw Ethan Olson
2. Sounds Like Trouble Nate Swihart
3. Honk Honk! Dustin Finstrom
4. Tech Dog Seán Willis and Brian Willis
5. Always On Time "BrickBrosProductions"
6. Ocean Treasures Justin Sarceno
7. First Day on the Space Job "BrickMaker"
8. Face Swapped Aaron John "Formal Lens" Williams
9. A Camping Trip With Dad Noah "brickorbrack" Sprague
10. Strange Happenings Austin "TopBrick Studios" Robert


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