Scott Jenner
A frame from Alien Parasites, a brickfilm by Scott Jenner
Also known as
  • jimmybob
  • Zx1357 Studios
Years active
2007 - 2011
Nationality Canada Flag Canadian
Notable works
Associated with

Scott Jenner is a Canadian brickfilmer. He is known for making brickfilms in a b-movie style, including Alien Parasites and Zombie Attack II: No More Room in Hell.

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2007 Clone Wars LEGO Star Wars Movie Making Contest entry
2007 Hooligans Brickfilm Halloween Contest entry[1]
2007 The Christmas Gift Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 4 entry
2008 The Dark Knight LEGO Trailer
2008 Take my Umbrella! Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5A entry
2008 Maybe Get a Mac
2008 The Shining Montage Clip
2008 Twilight Zone Montage Clip
2008 Zombie Attack: A B-Movie in Bricks! Late Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest film
2008 Save Your Water[2]
2008 No Such Thing as a Vampire: Part 1[3]
2009 Robot Invasion Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 6 entry
2009 Elevator
2009 Zombie Attack II: No More Room in Hell Co-production with Stijn Heirstrate
Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2009 entry
2009 Alien Parasites

References Edit

  1. Scott Jenner's account
  2. Scott Jenner's second account
  3. Scott Jenner's Bricks in Motion account

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