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Ralph and Rupert
Ralph and Rupert in No News is Good News
Created by
Language English
No. of installments 5
First release Mad Crazy Scientist

August 3, 2004

Latest release No News is Good News

August 28, 2005

The Ralph and Rupert series is a series of brickfilms created by and starring Dave Wardell.[1] The series follows Ralph McCormick and Rupert Buckingham who share a house and get into various shenanigans, often as a result of Ralph's stupidity.

The series ran from 2004 to 2005, with the final released film, No News is Good News, promising a continuation that was never produced. Prior to No News is Good News' release, Wardell had also begun scripting a film titled Candyman! The Ralph and Rupert Musical.[2] Upon returning to brickfilming in 2007, Wardell attempted to produce a Ralph and Rupert Christmas special but was stopped by technical difficulties that prevented his camera from working.[3][4]


Mad Crazy Scientist (2004)Edit

Main article: Mad Crazy Scientist

Ralph decides to take up inventing and builds a cloning machine. He creates a clone of himself but the clone rushes outside and wreaks havoc. Ralph is mistakenly arrested and Rupert must rescue him and kill the clone. Rupert's friend Gordon appears and offers Rupert his new clone-killing gun. Rupert locates the two Ralphs and asks a question to determine which is the real one before shooting the clone.[5]

Magic Marker (2004)Edit

Main article: Magic Marker

Ralph finds a marker with magical powers that produces anything the holder wishes for. He uses it to make a clone of himself which runs outside and Rupert is forced to track down Ralph's clone once again.[6]

Hallowieners (2004)Edit

Main article: Hallowieners

Ralph talks Rupert into accompanying him to a costume party. At the party, Gordon reveals he has gathered everyone to bring a spirit back from the dead and uses a disc to summon a ghost. All of his guests hurriedly leave, disappointing Gordon.[7]

Money (2005)Edit

Main article: Money

Rupert is horrified at how much money Ralph has spent on a new computer and tells him they are broke. They go to the bank to withdraw their last hundred dollars, but Ralph scares the bank teller who thinks he is a robber and calls the police. A nearby group of actual robbers see Ralph and Rupert in trouble and use a device to teleport them all back to their fortress full of treasure. Rupert spots the disc Gordon previously used to summon spirits, and summons a ghost to scare away the thieves. Rupert uses the teleporter to bring Ralph and himself home along with all of the loot, solving their money problem.[8]

No News is Good News (2005)Edit

Main article: No News is Good News

Ralph and Rupert audition for an opening as newscasters. Ralph performs terribly in the audition, but Gordon poisons everyone in the waiting room so that his friends will get the job. However, the news director enjoys Gordon's personality and chooses him as the new anchor instead, much to the chagrin of Rupert.[9]


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