The protagonist is challenged to a road race
Directed by
Tuomo Ranto
Running time
Language English
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Nameless is a comedy brickfilm by Tuomo Ranto. It follows the story of a man who is challenged to a street race. It was nominated for Best Debut Film in the 2005 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts.[1] However, it appears to have actually been available for download since 2004[2] and is also not actually Ranto's first brickfilm,[3] though it was the first and only one he posted to, in 2005.


A man wakes up and goes through his morning routine. As he's driving to work, he stops at a traffic light. A young hooligan in a raised truck drives up next to him and challenges the man to a street race. The man reluctantly agrees and speeds ahead before the light turns green. This infuriates the hooligan, who catches up to the man at the next traffic light and challenges the man to another race. The man pretends to speed forward but does not, and the hooligan speeds forward into turning traffic. The hooligan and his car is smashed to pieces and the man moves on.[2]

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