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Michael Hickox
Michael Hickox circa 2016
Also known as
Years active
  • 2009 - Present
Nationality US flag American
Notable works
  • LEGO Pizza Delivery
  • LEGO Shopping

LEGO School

Michael Hickox is an American brickfilmer from Ohio. He is known for his films LEGO School, LEGO Shopping, and his LEGO Pizza Delivery series.

Filmography Edit

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Year Title Notes
2009 LEGO Ninja - The Underground Fortress Season 1 premiere
2009 LEGO Claw Machine
2009 LEGO Secret Agent
2009 LEGO Pizza Delivery
2009 LEGO Car Crash
2009 LEGO Fishing
2010 LEGO Pizza Delivery 2
2010 LEGO Shark Attack
2010 LEGO Ninja - The Duel
2010 LEGO Bank Robbery
2010 LEGO Barber Shop Season 1 finale
2010 LEGO Mini Golf Season 2 premiere
2010 LEGO Chainsaw Massacre
2010 LEGO Pizza Delivery 3
2010 LEGO Christmas First Christmas special
2011 LEGO Picnic
2011 LEGO Castle Adventure Only interactive video
2011 LEGO Birthday Party Season 2 finale
2011 LEGO Magic Show Season 3 premiere
2011 LEGO Imposters
2011 LEGO Pizza Delivery 4
2012 LEGO Winter Special Christmas Special 2011
2012 LEGO School
2012 LEGO Camping Season 3 finale
2012 LEGO Imposters 2 Season 4 premiere
2012 LEGO Shopping First to use Kevin MacLeod's music
2012 LEGO Christmas 2012 Christmas Special 2012
2013 LEGO Office
2013 LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins Stop-Motion Feature Promotion for LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins
2013 LEGO Carnival Season 4 finale
2013 LEGO Halloween Season 5 premiere
Only Halloween special
2013 LEGO Clean Your Room
2014 LEGO Pizza Delivery 5
2014 LEGO Hide and Seek
2014 LEGO School 2
2014 The Builder - 'The LEGO Movie’ Promotion Season 5 finale
Promotion for The LEGO Movie
2014 LEGO Treasure Hunt Season 6 premiere
First to use Charles Harrison’s Music
2014 Tim and Ralph: The Race Tim and Ralph Season 1 premiere
2014 Tim and Ralph: Mouse Trap
2014 Tim and Ralph: Snow Day
2014 Tim and Ralph: Dog House
2014 Tim and Ralph: Pie Time Tim and Ralph Season 1 finale
2015 LEGO Christmas Shopping Christmas Special 2014
2015 Spy vs. Spy: The Loot Crate Promotion for Loot Crates
2015 LEGO Movie Theater
2015 LEGO Gardening
2015 Tim and Ralph: Locked Out Tim and Ralph Season 2 premiere
2015 Tim and Ralph: Vending Machine
2015 Tim and Ralph: Car Wash
2015 Tim and Ralph: Break Down
2015 Tim and Ralph: The Rematch Season 6 finale
Tim and Ralph Season 2 finale
2015 LEGO Pizza Delivery 6 Season 7 premiere
2015 iTech Solutions, Inc. (Promotion) Promotion for iTech Solutions
2015 LEGO Taxi
2015 The Season of Giving Christmas Special 2015
2016 Midnight Combat (X Company) Promotion for X Company
2016 Tim and Ralph: Time Machine Tim and Ralph Season 3 premiere
2016 Tim and Ralph: Track and Field
2016 Tim and Ralph: Food Fight
2016 Tim and Ralph: Cat Escape
2016 Tim and Ralph: Working Out Tim and Ralph Season 3 finale
2016 LEGO Mailman
2016 LEGO Moving Day Season 7 finale
2016 LEGO BrickArms Shootout Season 8 premiere
Promotion for BrickArms and G.I.Brick
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