Mary Charles
Lady Marian in Robin Hood - Developments
Mary Charles as Lady Marian in Robin Hood - Developments

Also known as
  • Brick7
  • Brick7seven
Years Active 2010 - Present
Voice Actress
Nationality American
Notable Works

Mary Charles is a member of the brickfilming community. Although she has never made a brickfilm, she is known for her voice acting talents in brickfilms.

Voice ActressEdit

Year Title Notes
2010 Brick or Treat Created by John Eggers and Daniel Eggers
2010 Coffee Created by Niall Cameron
2010 Noir Created by Zack Milenius
2010 Pig in a Shower Created by Jonni Phillips
2011 -0 Created by Justin Whitted & Josh Whitted
2011 A Christmas Carol (In 5 Minutes) Created by John Eggers and Daniel Eggers
2011 Attack of the Bionicles - Episode 2 Created by "The Four Monkeys"
2011 Misconception Created by Lewis Chen
2011 Persuasion Created by "TheLegoCammster7"
2011 The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Created by John Eggers and Daniel Eggers
2012 Captain Obvious 2: A Grand Unveiling! Created by Shelby Pritchard
2012 It Runs in the Family Created by Ethan Olson
2012 LEGO Star Wars 12 Days of Christmas Created by "LEGiOn7"
2012 The End of the World Created by "The Four Monkeys"
2012 The Zoo's New Exhibit Created by Omar Mickelson
2012 World's Finest Fight Created by Lucas K.
2013 Angels Unawares Created by Harry "Binding Brick" Pound
2013 Another Man's Shoes Created by Joshua "PrestigiousPieProductions" De Oliveira
2013 Holding Our Own Episode 1: Meat The Schneiders Created by Michael Tourette
2013 Holding Our Own Episode 2 Created by Michael Tourette
2013 Lego Doctor Who - Station of Steel Created by Aaron Good
2013 Love in Black and White Created by Walter Benson
2013 Perpetual Twilight Created by Jorden Davis
2013 Planet of the Sneeuwpop Created by Harrison Allen
2013 Red and Green Created by Carl Ferber
2013 Saltman - Forever and Today Created by Justin & Josh Whitted
2013 The Creation of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Created by "Lavamation"
2013 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Created by "Short Productions"
2013 What Was That? Created by Noah Fields
2014 LEGO Ideas #007 -- Exo Suit Created by Chris Salt
2014 Chapter One | Demons Desire Created by Aaron Good
2014 Robin Hood - Developments Created by Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
2014 Shoot Like a Storm Trooper Created by Connor Waterbanks
2014 STEAMPUNK Created by Shelby Pritchard
2014 That's The Way It Goes! - A Collection Of Short Stories Created by Walter Benson
2014 The Lego Movie in a Minute Created by "truillusionstudios"
2014 Yearbook Shout Out Ad Created by Lucas Kates
2015 A Fresh Start: Moving House Created by Stefan Muscat
2015 Fried Hobby Created by Funmi Adetola
2015 New Recruits Created by Benjamin Ely
2015 Retribution Created by Neal Tovstiga
2015 The Surveillance Situation Created by Benjamin Ely
2016 App Man Episode 3 Created by William Osborne
2016 De Mortem Created by Dylan Johnson
2016 Lennard's Dreams Created by William Osborne
2017 App Man Episode 4 Created by William Osborne

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