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Little Guys!
Children love playing with their Little Guys!
Directed by
  • Alison Fischer
  • David Pagano
  • Marl Pagano
  • Chris Chan Robertson
Running time
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Little Guys! is a 2007 brickfilm by David Pagano. It is a faux-commercial made in the style of a 1980s toy commercial advertising a fictional toy known as Little Guys[1]. The film is known for featuring large brick-built puppets instead of the typical LEGO minifigure.[2]

Plot Edit

An old man reads a newspaper as two kids play with Little Guys. The old man exclaims: "What was that?" An excited announcer postulates that Little Guys came before both the chicken and the egg. A little boy asks "What are they?" The announcer promotes the Little Guys, stating they can be taken anywhere, from a soft bed to right next to a firecracker. Little Guys can dance, do exercises, and play the piano. Each Little Guy comes with its own playset. The old man asks: "Where do Little Guys come from?" Little Guys are shown being made at Paganomation Laboratories. Murray Carter, president of Paganomation Toys, talks in monotone about how great his toys are. People around the world love Little Guys.

Cast Edit

  • Alison Fischer
  • David Pagano
  • Marl Pagano
  • Chris Chan Robertson

References Edit

  1. YouTube Video
  2. Makezine - David Pagano's Brickfilm Picks

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