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LEGO Sport Champions
The title card of the series
Created by
Lajos Szabó and Vianco Studio
  • Sports
  • Comedy


No. of installments 7
First release September 1, 1987
Latest release December 1, 1987
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Created for
LEGO 1973 Logo

LEGO Sport Champions is a series of brickfilms that was commissioned by The LEGO Group and animated by Vianco Studio in Hungary.[1] It was first released in June 1, 1987 on VHS and was re-released in June 5, 1989, June 6, 1994, June 3, 1996, June 1, 1998 and June 6, 2005, occasionally under different titles including LEGO Stories, Sport News: The Olympic LEGO Games and LEGO Action Fun.[2][3]

The series contains 7 short films that each focus on a different sport and humorous events around it. The films are all of a similar length, averaging around five minutes each.[4]


Pitstop Picnic (1987) Edit

Rare-Ski Bear-Ski (1987) Edit

Gym-Dandies (1987) Edit

Ice Pup (1987) Edit

Waltz of the Walrus (1987) Edit

Heavyweight Ape (1987) Edit

A gorilla escapes his cage to witnesses a weight lifting competition and begins to imitate the weight lifters.

Soccer to 'Em (1987) Edit


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