Kevin and Mr. Tater
Kevin and Mr. Tater, from Hamburger
Created by
James Morr


No. of installments 17
First release Waffles

May 4, 2004

Latest release

The Kevin and Mr. Tater series is a series of brickfilms created by and starring James Morr. The series follows the misadventures of the incredibly dim-witted Mr. Tater and his irritable Canadian friend, Kevin.

Films Edit

The Breakfast Trilogy Edit


Mr. Tater prepares to eat breakfast, from Waffles

Mr. Tater made his first appearances in The Breakfast Trilogy, though Kevin does not feature in these films. These films also do not show the living room that the majority of the future installments are set in. The Breakfast Trilogy takes place within one day (as mentioned in Jam)[1] and the first two films were released just one day apart, on May 4th and 5th, 2004.[2][3]

Waffles (2004) Edit

Mr. Tater is about to eat a plate of waffles, but decides to go get some syrup to put on them. His cat, Mr. Snoogie, jumps onto the table and when Mr. Tater returns, the waffles are gone. Mr. Tater perceives Mr. Snoogie to be blaming this disappearance on aliens, but does not believe this explanation and takes Mr. Snoogie away "to get fixed". Three aliens are then seen looking through his window.[4]

Toast (2004) Edit

Mr. Tater describes what he believes to be medical issues to a doctor, but the doctor interrupts to tell him he is in a veterinarian clinic. After a pause, Mr. Tater offers the doctor some toast.[5]

Jam (2004) Edit

Mr. Tater visits a psychiatrist who hears of Mr. Tater's alien sightings and thinks he is insane, but is soon proven wrong.[6]

The Lunch Trilogy Edit


Kevin's first appearance, from Hot Dog

In The Lunch Trilogy, Mr. Tater was joined by the more sensible Kevin, who would appear in almost all of their future films. The events of this trilogy are not as closely related as those of The Breakfast Trilogy, though background references to Spider-Man in the first two Lunch films do build up to the third film, which features Spider-Man characters.[7]

Hot Dog (2004) Edit

Mr. Tater and his friend Kevin compete in a video game and when the game ends, Mr. Tater excitedly celebrates victory and taunts Kevin. Kevin informs Mr. Tater that he was actually the one who lost as the screen reads "Kevin Wins!", leading Mr. Tater to change the subject by saying "Hot dog".[8]

Burrito (2004) Edit

Kevin sits on the couch reading the newspaper, but where is Mr. Tater?[9]

Hamburger (2004) Edit

Doctor Octopus terrorizes Kevin and Mr. Tater for no reason as Spider-Man attempts to arrive to help.[7]

The Dinner Trilogy Edit


Kevin and Mr. Tater in the very far future, from Meatloaf

The Dinner Trilogy was always planned as the final set of "Food" films,[10] which became further cemented by its unfinished status. After releasing one full installment, Morr had to rush the Christmas-themed Fruitcake to meet the Christmas deadline and released it unfinished.[11] Fruitcake teased the final Dinner film, Lasagna, and promised a 2005 release. Despite filming at least 3 minutes of Lasagna, Morr spoke of "story problems" and the film ultimately never surfaced.[12] Kevin and Mr. Tater would eventually return in films unrelated to Lasagna.

Meatloaf (2004) Edit

Mr. Tater is visited by the grim reaper, who wants to reap his soul.[13]

Fruitcake (2004) Edit

On Christmas Eve, Kevin receives a phone call from Mr. Tater, who says he has caught a burglar. Kevin realises that Mr. Tater has actually knocked out Santa Claus and goes to Mr. Tater's house to explain. Mr. Tater does not think Kevin is correct, getting the image of a stereotypical burglar and Santa Claus mixed up. Santa Claus then gets up and is unharmed.[14]

A Hannukah Message (2005) Edit

"The first hannukka brickfilm... yes... super cameraman will become a legend... 8) DONT COPY ME IDEA."
- Super Cameraman, December 4, 2005

Mr. Tater wishes the audience a happy Hanukkah, but has his head stolen by a monkey.[15] This film was created when user Max "Super Cameraman" Goldberg was over-hyping his plan to release "the first Hannukah brickfilm", so Morr quickly created A Hannukah Message to beat him to the punch.[16]

"Haha, the idea stunk anyway. I mean really, The First Hannukah Brickfilm?"
- Super Cameraman, January 12, 2006

Mr. Tater Gets a Soda: A Point-and-Brick Adventure Game (2006) Edit

A point-and-click adventure game featuring animated video. Mr. Tater embarks on an adventure to locate a refreshing soda.[17]

Teh First Kwanzaa Birckfilm Evah olol (2006) Edit

Mr. Tater shows Kevin a Hanukkah mascot he has created in his basement.[18]

Wiithulhu (2007) Edit

Mr. Tater tries out Kevin's Nintendo Wii, but refuses to put on the wrist strap.[19]

Kindle (2011) Edit

Kevin and Mr. Tater have a heated debate over the meaning of the word "Kindle".[20]

Kevin and Mr. Tater Review [Insert Title Here] Edit


Kevin and Mr. Tater on the set of Kevin and Mr. Tater Review [Insert Title Here]

In 2013, Morr revived the Kevin and Mr. Tater characters for a regular film review series titled Kevin and Mr. Tater Review [Insert Title Here] that ran for four episodes. The series featured Kevin and Mr. Tater reviewing a recent blockbuster movie, dressing up as characters from the film and often straying off-topic. Kevin only appears in the first two reviews, after which he is replaced by guest stars.

Kevin and Mr. Tater Review [The Lone Ranger] (2013) Edit

Kevin and Mr. Tater introduce their new review show and begin their review of The Lone Ranger, donning cowboy and Indian headgear. Kevin is angered when Mr. Tater reveals that he didn't go see the movie as "the trailer looked really bad", but admits that he didn't see it either as he spent his whole paycheck on their hats.[21]

Kevin and Mr. Tater Review [Thor: The Dark World] (2013) Edit

Kevin, dressed as Thor, introduces the review of Thor: The Dark World, but Mr. Tater is in a baseball uniform as he thought they were reviewing 42. Mr. Tater quickly dons Loki's horned helmet and the review begins. As Kevin speaks, Mr. Tater drops a box of candy and leans down to pick it up, but as he stands up, the horn on his helmet stabs Kevin in the eye. Mr. Tater apologises to Kevin, but not without sneaking in a Thor pun.[22]

Kevin and Mr. Tater Review [Man of Steel] (2013) Edit

With Kevin in the hospital, Mr. Tater is instead joined by flash animator Domics to review Man of Steel. However, Mr. Tater is distracted by Kevin Costner's presence in the film and instead focuses on Costner and the film Waterworld, particularly the pee-drinking scene. Domics is irritated that Mr. Tater will not give him his hair back after making him dress as Lex Luther.[23]

Kevin and Mr. Tater Review [Frozen] (2014) Edit

The video game composer Grant Kirkhope joins Mr. Tater to review Frozen. Kirkhope begins to review the film, but Mr. Tater interrupts him to admit that he only brought him on the show to ask about how to get the Ice Key in the game Banjo-Kazooie. An annoyed Kirkhope leaves and Mr. Tater assumes the ice key is lost forever, but Kirkhope is later seen to secretly have the coveted key in his posession.[24]

Other Films Featuring Kevin and Mr. Tater Edit

While several other brickfilms have featured Kevin and Mr. Tater, they are not considered a part of the Kevin and Mr. Tater series, either because they are cameos, such as Road Rage, or Kevin and Mr. Tater are pulled out of their normal environment, such as iTater.

A Holiday Message (2004) Edit

Kevin and Mr. Tater appear among a crowd who wish the audience a happy holiday season, whatever holiday that may be.[25]

Hallowieners (2004) Edit

In this brickfilm by Dave Wardell, Mr. Tater and Kevin appear at a costume party dressed as Han Solo and a Stormtrooper respectively, and Kevin asks Mr. Tater to pour him some punch.[26]

Road Rage (2004) Edit

A brickfilm being made by Kevin is interrupted by a can of Mountain Dew that Mr. Tater has left on the set.[27] This film was inspired by Speed Demon! by Nick Maniatis and was created for a Car Chase Contest hosted by Alan "Amped" Menhennet on the forums.

Meta Mania! (2004) Edit

An entry to the 10 Brick Contest is revealed to be being filmed by Mr. Tater.[28]

iTater (2005) Edit

Mr. Tater dances in an iPod commercial.[29]

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