Keshen Matus
Keshen 8 Logo
Keshen's logo for his production label, Custard Productions
Also known as
  • Custard Productions
  • Keshen
  • Keshen8
Years active
  • 2006 - Present
Nationality Australia Flag Australian
Notable works
Associated with

Keshen Matus is an Australian brickfilmer. He is known for comedy brickfilms such as Days of Our Pizza, Iron Man's New Suit and Meeting of the Heroes and also for action brickfilms such as LEGO Black Ops and Legolibrium 2. He also produced a stop-motion animated music video for Addicted to You, a song by the popular Swedish musician Aviici.

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2006? A Day In The Life Of Keshen
2006 LEGO Fight
2007 LEGO Brawl
2008 Stars and Wars
2008 The Dark Knight Trailer. IN LEGO!!!
2008 The Dark Knight Trailer 2. IN LEGO!!! (Trailer 3)
2008 The LEGO Ultimatum
2008 Legolibrium
2008 RIMS
2008 One Shot
2009 Butter Menthol Batman
2009 Batman's Gay Roommate
2009 Meeting Of The Villains
2009 Legolibrium 2
2009 Honest Tea
2009 Days of our Pizza
2009 Nightmare
2009 The Usual LEGO Suspects
2009 Spam Police
2009 Meeting of the Heroes
2009 Ninja Assassin Trailer IN LEGO!
2009 IroniKKK
2009 Mac or PC?
2009 Spam Police 2
2009 Under The Stars
2010 Blind Date
2010 Avatard
2010 I Can't Hear You!
2010 Opposite Day
2010 Good Cop, Batman
2010 Cardboard Gear Solid
2010 Shutter Island Blooper
2010 Street Shootout
2010 LEGO Black Ops
2011 LEGO Portal
2011 Road Block
2011 What I Remember About 9/11
2011 Taking Out The Trash
2011 Middle Man
2012 LEGO Skater
2012 Bourne Legocy
2012 Avengers: ASSEMBLE!
2013 Football Is Gay
2013 The Harlem Shakes
2013 Iron Man's New Suit
2013 NOTHING Commercial
2013 Australian Wolverine
2013 Batman vs. Superman
2014 FHAC
2014 Addicted To You
2015 $ELLEBRITY Commercial
2015 LEGO Hulk Buster
2016 Superman Returns
2016 LEGO Civil War
2016 LEGO Watch Dogs
2017 Daredevil: BLIND JUSTICE
2017 Batman - RIDDLE ME THIS
2017 Iron Man's New Car

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