Jack Kerouac writes through a storm
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  • Beat poetry
  • History
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Kerouac is a 2002 historical brickfilm by Ben Brenninkmeyer about beat poet Jack Kerouac and is set to excerpts from Kerouac's performance American Haikus.[1] It was an entry to the Historical Fiction Contest on and won the award for Best Animation.[2] It is notable for its camera work and framing, with each new shot appearing in a different panel.

Plot Edit

Jack Kerouac is losing track of the days. He gets drunk and writes letters by night while a thunderstorm rages outside. In his medicine cabinet, he finds a fly that has died of old age.

Kerouac engages in Buddhist meditation. When at home, he can hear a lady's voice through the wall. He questions a bee who is staring at him, stating "I'm not a flower". Night falls as Kerouac attempts to read and it becomes too dark to see the page. He lays down the book in frustration.

References Edit

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