Jordan Johnson
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Also known as
  • Fancy Pants
  • xxxfancypantsxxx
Years active
  • 2008 - 2011
  • 2013 - Present
Nationality Canada Flag Canadian
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Jordan Johnson is a Canadian brickfilmer.[1][2] He is primarily known for his Star Wars brickfilms such as The Force Unleashed and the films starring the clone troopers Bridge and Gus, including Clone Training Center and A Clone Halloween: Gurve Meh Teh Carndy!.[3] He was inactive between 2011 and 2013 due to being on a mission with the LDS church.[4]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2008 Star Wars: The Ruthless Plan Part 1[5]
2008 Star Wars: The Ruthless Plan Part 2
2008 Star Wars: The Ruthless Plan Part 3
2008 Star Wars: The Ruthless Plan Part 4
2009 Gunship Down
2009 The Game AniExer-size Animation Contest first place winner[6]
2009 Clone Training Center
2009 A Clone Halloween: Gurve Meh Teh Carndy!
2010 Expect This Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 second place winner[7]
2010 The Force Unleashed "Lightsaber Duel" Animation Challenge winner[8]
2010 The Ruthless Plan Part 5 Unfinished
2010 The Doorway MOFILM Cannes Lions 2010 Contest entry
2011 LEGO Star Wars III: "The Build Off" Commissioned by LucasArts
2013 Freedom of Expression
2013 Clone Training Center Vlogs - #1
2013 Clone Halloween 2
2013 Clone Thanksgiving
2013 Clone Christmas
2014 Clone Training Center Series Kickstarter Announcement[9][10]
2014 Titanfall: Attrition
2015 LEGO People React To "The Dress"
2015 LEGO Fighting Championship 1 - Candy Man VS Soccer Mom
2015 Halloween House Sitting
2015 Star Wars: First Order Stormtrooper's Final Test
2016 Clone Training Center Series Announcement!
2016 LEGO Fighting Championship 2 - The Magician VS Officer Maloy
2016 Clone Training Center: Episode 1
2016 Star Wars: Kylo Ren sings Les Misérables to Darth Vader
2016 Clones play Pokemon Go
2016 I Believe I Can Fly!
2017 Clone Training Center: Episode 2

References Edit