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Jason Rowoldt
Jason Rowoldt circa 2010
Also known as
  • Jason
  • Brickfilms
Years active
  • 2000 - 2003
  • 2015 - Present?
  • Website admin
  • Brickfilmer
Nationality US flag American
Notable works
Associated with

Jason Rowoldt is an American brickfilmer and the founder of He is also known to have coined the term 'brickfilm'.[1]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2000 The Chase[2]
2001 Dancing on The Moon[3]
2001 Vecna's Lens: Part I[4][5] Also known as Dungeon Crawl: Part I
2002 The Fencers[6]
2002 Brickfilms Historical Fiction Contest Award Show
2002 Brickfilms Director's Project, Group 2 X Co-production with Ben Brenninkmeyer, Conrad Slater and Russ Jensen[7]
2002 Kung Fu Fighting[8]
2002 Alone[9] Horror Animation Contest entry
2003 Secret Strategeries[10]
2003 The Sol Chronicles Episode 1 Opening[11]

Founding of Edit

[12] [13]

References Edit

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