Jane's Brain
Jane's brain thinks of cars and houses
Directed by
  • Adam Buxton
  • Comedy
  • Music Video
Running time
Language English
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Created for Adam & Joe Video Wars Competition

Jane's Brain is 2008 comedy music video brickfilm by Chris Salt. It is about a woman named Jane and all the things she does with her brain. It won first place in the Adam & Joe Video Wars Competition[1][2][3].


Jane uses her brain to think of things she doesn't have, like houses, cars, elephants, monkeys on bicycles, and cars. She likes cars a lot. If she had a car she would go shopping in her car, smash through billboards and her house, and then eat her shopping.[1]

Crew Edit

  • Chris Salt - Animation, editing
  • Adam Buxton - Music

Awards Edit

In additional to winning the Adam & Joe Video Wars Competition, Jane's Brain was nominated in the 2008 Bricks in Motion Awards[4].

Year Competition Category Result
2008 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Animation Nominated

References Edit

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