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James Morr
James Morr circa 2014
Also Known As
  • KG
  • SpastikChuwawa
  • Karateguy
  • Karatedude
Years Active
2002 - Present
Nationality US flag American
Notable Works
Associated With

James Morr is an American brickfilmer. He is known for the Kevin and Mr. Tater series, Back 2 Skool, $100, and Sssssss..[1]

Filmography Edit

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Year Title Notes
2003 The Monkey [2]
2003 Tom's Guide to Winning the Lottery
2003 Surreal
2003 Computer Savvy
2004 Training
2004 Gahismalatata Directed by David Fuoco
A Peculiar Event Contest entry[3]
2004 End of Days: Chapter I Late A Peculiar Event Contest entry[4]
2004 Surreal 0
2004 Waffles
2004 Toast
2004 Jam
2004 Jeepers
2004 Surreal 1½
2004 The Exodus
2004 Hot Dog
2004 A Holiday Message [5]
2004 Burrito
2004 Surreal 1/3: The Bunny [6]
2004 Surreal 1/4: The Prisoner [7]
2004 Hamburger [8]
2004 Meatloaf
2004 Road Rage Amped's Car Chase Contest entry[9]
2004 White Doorway parody[10]
2004 Meta Mania! 10 Brick Contest entry[11]
2004 Monday [12]
2004 Fruitcake [13]
2004 My Shark Skip [14]
2005 Evolution [15]
2005 Obey Thy Parents [16]
2005 LEGO Jesus [17]
2005 Surreal 1/5: DDG [18]
2005 iTater [19]
2005 Surreal 1/6: %$# Yeah! [20]
2005 Anne Frank in Bricks Co-production with Alan "Amped" Menhennet
Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge entry[21]
2005 Jetpack Rocketman Rocketguy [22]
2005 Dogfood [23]
2005 Cowboy Hat [24]
2005 A Hannukah Message [25]
2006 Outside [26]
2006 Mr. Tater Gets a Soda: A Point-and-Brick Adventure Game Brickfilm adventure game[27]
2006 Back 2 Skool [28]
2006 Teh First Kwanzaa Birckfilm Evah olol [29]
2007 ?????? E.A.S.T.E.R. Festival entry
2007 Wiithulhu [30]
2007Meatsauce Episode 1: olol vidja games Meatspace parody[31]
2007Meatsauce Episode 2: Leggo my Pokemans! Meatspace parody[32]
2007 Meatsauce Episode 3 Preview Stand-alone preview[33]
2008Tender Family Moments: The Birds and the Bees
2008Tender Family Moments: Reading is FUN!
2008PooPoo Bridge
2009Dane Cook Gets Slapped By a Hobo With a Fish
2009Dane Cook Gets Dashed Against The Rocks By A Wise Indian Chief
2009Dane Cook Gets Squashed By A Psychic Cephalapod
2009Dane Cook Gets Purple Nurpled By A Ginger
2009Batman Has Parent Issues
2009Cool Trick!
2009Dane Cook Gets Adopted By A Family of Friendly Spiders
2009Ronald Has A Spider On His Head: An Interactive Mis-Adventure!
2009Dane Cook Gets Chased By The Godmachine
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - Spooky Skeleton
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - Till Death Do Us Part
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - The Fortuneteller
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - Boo
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - The Nudist's Lament
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - Spooky Skeleton on a Skateboard
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - My Compliments to the Chef
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - Ghost
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - Vampires Suck
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - Trick or Treat
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - Horace the Hand-Eating Horse
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - Spooky Serpent
2009The 13 Spooky Tales of Halloween - Halloweenie
2009Great Moments In American History: George Washington & The Cherry Tree
2009The Diagnosis
2010Sssssss. Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 first place winner[34]
2010To Strike An Expired Equus
2010Snob On A Pogo Stick
2010What Is This I Don't Even
2010Tony Owl
2010Washing Machine
2010Pirates With Leprosy
2010A LEGO Batman Film
2010Jaws of Justice Episode 1: "Off The Deep End"
2010TSA in LEGO
2011My Day Off
2011127 Hours in LEGO
2011The King's Speech in LEGO
2011Toy Story 3 in LEGO
2011Winder's Bone in LEGO
2011Black Swan in LEGO
2011Inception in LEGO
2011The Kids Are All Right in LEGO
2011LA Noire in LEGO
2011The Invention of The Skateboard Tales of Yore Contest entry
2011The Artist
2011Batman's New Ride
2011LEGO Skyrim
2012Gorilla Glitter
2012Happy St. Patrick's Day
2012Lasso of Truth
2012Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery Of The Murder
2012Mummy Chase
2012 Jive Owl - Episode 1: "Some Kinda Wonderful" Co-production with Billo O'Loughlin
2012Gandalf's Fireworks
2012Thorrible Pun
2012Monster in the Closet ReBrick Flick Halloween Competition first place winner[35]
2012A Shocking Secret Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X entry
2013Pjango Unchained
2013Joke Time!
2013Avengers Harlem Shake
2013Happy Easter
2013Tomb Raider
2013My Patreon Video
2013Spongblood Deathpants
2013Dick or Treat
2013Kevin & Mr. Tater Review [The Lone Ranger]
2013Kevin & Mr. Tater Review [Thor: The Dark World]
2013Kevin & Mr. Tater Review [Man of Steel]
2013 Ho! Ho! Ho!
2014Kevin & Mr. Tater Review [Frozen]
2014Snob On A Bicycle
2014Make Me A Sandwich
2014 Jungle Jerkz
2014 Nerdly - Build-a-Mation #1
2014Taken (ft. Bad Cop/Good Cop)
2014Happy Easter 2: UP IN SMOKE[36]
2014"Do The Dew" With SpastikChuwawa Green Label Studios Open Call Contest entry
2014Spider-Man's Most EXCITING Adventure Yet!
2014Terror On Planet A113
2014 Stephen Hawking - Build-a-Mation #2
2014Chicken Egg
2014LEGO ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
2014 Batman Vs Superman Directed by Tommy Williamson[37]
2014Groot Poots
2014Bilbo's Guests
2015 Why We Love Disaster News Co-production with Tommy Williamson[38]
Commissioned by The School of Life
2015 The Right Person Co-production with Tommy Williamson[39]
Commissioned by The School of Life
2015 Olaf's Warm Hug!
2015 Easter Eggs
2015 4 Awesome Facts About The LEGO Movie! Commissioned by MovieBlast[40]
2015 New LEGO 'Philosopher' Range Co-production with Tommy Williamson[41]
Commissioned by The School of Life
2015 LEGO Graffiti
2015 Bing Bong Theorum :^)
2015 Why Men are Excited by Lesbians Co-production with Tommy Williamson[42]
Commissioned by The School of Life
2015 BB8llin'
2015 I'M A LEGO! Commissioned by PewDiePie[43]

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