Heroes and Villains Contest
The contest logo, designed by Zach Stanley
Start Date March 1, 2005
End Date June 13, 2005
Entries 17

The Heroes and Villains Contest was a brickfilming contest hosted by Joshua Leasure in 2005. It was the sixth official contest and the second hosted in conjunction with BrickFest.[1] It was preceded by the High Adventure Theatre Contest and followed by the Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest, though a "mini-contest",[2] the Ten Lines Contest, was hosted by Leasure in the interim.


The contest was announced on the forums on March 1, 2005.[3] The deadline was June 13, 2005. Entries were required to be encoded in Realmedia format at no more than 3MB per minute. The maximum time limit began at 8 minutes and was later extended to 10 minutes. There was no minimum time limit. The contest received 17 entries.[4]

When entries were screened at BrickFest, issues arose over some of the content in the films, particularly first place winner Frankenstein. Parents with young children were in the audience expecting cartoony films, and were shocked by its horror and violence. However, it was also mentioned that Frankenstein received some very enthusiastic applause from select audience members.


The alternative logo used for the DVD

"Frankenstein was, well, not well received. I showed it first to a crowd of about fifty people. The crowd was, for the most part, silent. There were audible gasps during the knife part. As the film progressed, children became visibly upset, as did their parents. One lady removed her teary-eyed daughter from the room. I had not anticipated so many young children in the audience and I was getting a little nervous. Sure enough, at about the 5th film Christina (the BrickFest coordinator) came to me and told me there had been complaints "about some of the subject material in the films." I apologized and promised to skip any of the films with questionable subject matter on subsequent showings."
- Joshua Leasure

As with the High Adventure Theatre Contest the previous year, a DVD of all Heroes and Villains Contest entries was compiled and sold on Also included on the DVD were the community project Cleaning Time and Attack of the Evil Robotic Turkey from Outer Space, a late HaV film by Chris Boyer and Brian Bridges.[5]

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
Apprentice Brendan Henry
Blambo Part II Logan Dwight and Ian Hirschfeld
Bounty Brendan Henry
Damsel in Distress? Curt Werline
Don't Bug Me Stephen Nolen
The Dragon Stefan van Zwam
Flux & Strength-Man! Robinson Wood and Toph Beach
Frankenstein Robinson Wood
GRREENERED Viljami Teekkinen and Ilmari Teekkinen
Jay Daniel Holmes
The Job Cornelius Koch and Theodor Becker
Moms: Everyday Heroes X Curtis "Yo-Blob" Mutter
Monkey Removal Man "Hoogiman"
Operation: Save Brickfilms Aaron Leming
The Search for the Sound Marc "GopedGuy"/"Exile Studios" Pierson
Special Deliverance Leftfield Studios
Super Pat "BRICK MAN"

Judging and PrizesEdit

The nine top entries were nominated for the final judging by a select committee.[1][6] The ranking of these nine films was then open for voting by all Patrons 24fps and above. The final placing, in addition to the winner of the Trailer Competition, was announced in the chat room on July 30, 2005.[7] The Heroes and Villains Contest was the final contest to feature the Sisters' Awards. The awards were for Most Heroic Hero and Most Villainous Villain.

The prize pool format introduced for the High Adventure Theatre Contest was retained for the Heroes and Villains Contest. The prize pool when first announced consisted of a copy of Stop Motion Pro, $50 store credit for the Bricklink seller Active Builders and an AKG D60S microphone.[1] This pool was later changed.[8] The final prize pool consisted of a copy of Stop Motion Pro, a copy of Sony Vegas 5.0 and a Behringer UB1002 mixer.

Unlike the previous year, there was no Viewers' Choice vote at BrickFest, though Leasure mentioned that audience response indicated that if there had been a vote, the most likely winner would either have been Blambo Part II or Damsel in Distress?.


Top NineEdit

Place Film Name Director
1. Frankenstein Robinson Wood
2. Special Deliverance Leftfield Studios
3. Don't Bug Me Stephen Nolen and Austin Nolen
4. The Dragon Stefan van Zwam
5. Bounty Brendan Henry
6. The Job Cornelius Koch and Theodor Becker
7. Damsel in Distress? Curt Werline
8. Flux & Strength-Man! Robinson Wood and Toph Beach
9. Blambo Part II Logan Dwight and Ian Hirschfeld

The Sisters' AwardsEdit

The results of the Sisters' Awards are not currently known, and it is possible that they were never actually announced.[9]

Trailer CompetitionEdit

In addition to the main contest, a competition was held by David West where participants could make a trailer for their film.[10] The prize was a free Heroes and Villains Contest DVD and judging was held through a poll on the patrons' forum. The trailer competition received seven entries and was won by Brendan Henry.[6]

List of trailer competition entries:

Film Name Director
Bounty Trailer Brendan Henry
Don't Bug Me Trailer Stephen Nolen
The Dragon Trailer Stefan van Zwam
Flux & Strength-Man! Trailer Robinson Wood and Toph Beach
GRREENERED Trailer Viljami Teekkinen and Ilmari Teekkinen
Jay Trailer Daniel Holmes
The Search for the Sound Trailer Marc "GopedGuy"/"Exile Studios" Pierson


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