Greg Perry
Greg Perry's logo
Also known as
  • supernerd23
  • The Animated Brick Company
  • TubeVision
  • Groovy G
Years active
1999 - 2003
Nationality US flag American
Notable works

Greg Perry is an American brickfilmer. He is known for The Mollusk, The Evolution of Creation and the films featuring his characters The SuperNerds, including The Hei$t and The Mysterious Secret Treasure of the Lost Pyramid. He was an early brickfilmer active online, sharing his films before the launch of[1]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
1999 The Hei$t[2]
1999 Ninja Action Theater[3]
1999 The Mysterious Secret Treasure of the Lost Pyramid One of three grand prize winners in the LEGO Maniacs Coolest Home Video Contest
1999 Ghost Train
1999 Santa 2000
2000 Meanwhile Back at the SuperNerds Headquarters...
2000 ABC Opening Segment
2000 The Relativity of Bricks LEGO Maniacs Coolest Home Video Contest entry
2000 The Construction Project LEGO Maniacs Coolest Home Video Contest entry
2000 The Brick House of Horrors
2001 Get Smart
2001 ABC Club Live
2001 The Evolution of Creation Classical Movie Contest entry
BrickFest 2002 Animation Competition Conference Organizer Award winner[4]
2002 The Mollusk BrickFest 2002 Animation Competition entry
2003 Plastic Grass Commissioned by MTV[5]

References Edit

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  3. LUGNET Animated Brick Company showcase
  4. BrickFest 2002 Animation Competition results
  5. Thread about Plastic Grass

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