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SmallMedal Good Company
Marlow and the distribution station manager discuss the whereabouts of Kurtz
Directed by
  • Horror
  • Drama
Running time
  • 10:00 (Original)
  • 13:00 (Redux)
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Good Company is a 2002 horror brickfilm by Nick Maniatis about.[1][2] It was an entry to the Horror Animation Contest and won in four of the judging categories; the most wins of any entrant. in 2003, Maniatis released a director's cut known as Good Company: Redux with three minutes of additional footage.[3]

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Good Company was a winner in the Horror Animation Contest in the judging categories Most Original Story, Best Sound Effects, Best Set Design and Entrants' Choice. It was also nominated in the category of Scariest Scene but lost to BIRDS by Andreas Feix.[6]

Maniatis also won an award in the 2002 Plast Awards for his role as Marlow in Good Company.[7][8][9]

Year Competition Category Result
2002 Horror Animation Contest Scariest Scene Nominated
Most Original Story Won
Best Sound Effects Won
Best Set Design Won
Entrants' Choice Won
2002 Plast Awards Best Actor Won

Good Company: ReduxEdit

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References Edit

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