The man waters the flower
Directed by
Steffen Troeger and Sandra Abele
  • Steffen Troeger
  • Sandra Abele
Slice of Life
Running time
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Created for

Found is a 2006 slice of life brickfilm by Steffen Troeger and Sandra Abele. It follows the story of a man who finds a beautiful flower,[1] and is an adaptation of the poem of the same name by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.[2] It was created for the Steinerei 2006 festival and won second place in the audience vote.

Plot Edit

A man goes for a walk in the woods and discovers a beautiful flower. He reaches down to pluck it, but the flower cries out, imploring him not to pluck it, because it would die. The man thinks, then runs back to his house. He gathers a shovel and returns to dig up the flower. With the flower dug up, the man replants the flower in his garden, where he enjoys it every day.

After the credits, there is a short scene of a flower delivery truck pulling into a distribution depot.

References Edit

  1. Found on YouTube
  2. The original poem "Found"

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