The Festival of Souls contest was a Halloween-themed brickfilming competition hosted by Hal Warner Clayton (AKA "Onion", or "LegOpinions" during the first FoS) in 2010 and 2011 on the Bricks in Motion forums. Entrants were required to produce a film based on one of two horror-based themes.

Festival of Souls 2010Edit

Festival of Souls 2010
The logo of the Festival of Souls 2010, by Ryan "Chuppa" Wood[1]
Hal Warner Clayton
Start Date September 17, 2010
End Date October 28, 2010
Entries 20

The Festival of Souls 2010 contest was announced on September 17 with a deadline of October 28.[2] The two available themes were Comedy Horror and Serious Horror. The winner of each category would receive a $50 gift certificate for the BrickLink seller MT-Bricks, the contest's sponsor. The results were originally intended to be announced on Halloween, but they were eventually delayed until November 10. The judging panel rotated during the running of the contest and the final panel consisted of Hal Warner Clayton, John "Scypax" Lucewich and Jonni Phillips.[3] The contest received 20 entries.[4]


While the results ranked the top ten entries overall, the winners of the contest were the winners of the two themes. This meant that the two winners were in fact the entries in first and third place.

Top 10
Place Film Name Director
1. The Final Quest Garry Moore
2. Piano Emma Graham
3. Tim & fRED Halloween Special 2 Sean Willets
4. Little Red Riding Hugo Dylan Woodley
5. Brick or Treat John Eggers and Daniel Eggers
6. The Tomb of Osiris Jake "Goldencamerastudios" Sebastian and "L Man"
7. The Scareroom John "SithSerenity" H.
8. The Psychopath Enrique Fuster
9. Haunted Christian Colglazier
10. Pumpkin Carve You Caidan "TBDude" Brown

Festival of Souls 2Edit

Festival of Souls 2
Fos2 try2
The Festival of Souls 2 logo, by Robert "RealBrick" Bauer and "Thrash"
Hal Warner Clayton
Start Date August 27, 2011
End Date October 31, 2011
Entries 23

Festival of Souls 2 was announced on August 27, 2011. The deadline was originally October 22,[5] but was later extended to October 31.[6] The two available themes, placing more emphasis on horror than FoS 2010, were Suspense and Supernatural. Originally, there were to be three judging categories with a top three ranked in each. These were Best Overall, Scariest Horror and Best Newcomer. A fourth category, Best Technical, was added later.[7]

The winner of each category would receive a gift voucher for Brick Warriors, the contest's sponsor, worth $40 for Best Overall and $20 for the other categories. The judges were Jared Gilbert, Jon Williams, Lucas Mass and Vik Verplanken. The contest received 23 entries.[8] The shortlists for the different categories were announced on November 26 and the final results were released on December 3, 2011.[9]


Best Overall Best Horror
Best Newcomer Best Technical
  • Paranoia – "Dream Bricks Productions"
    • Lego Halloween Story – "superben123122"
    • Camping – "Fury Bros Studios"

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