Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin discuss the Death Star under construction

The Death Star Trilogy is a series of three Star Wars brickfilms by Philip Heinrich. It takes place shortly after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and depicts what caused the construction of the first Death Star to take 20 years, in contrast to the second Death Star which only took a couple of years.

Films Edit

Star Wars: Station Tribulations (2006)Edit

Released on July 2, 2006.[1] With the Death Star under construction during a financial crisis, Darth Vader receives some bad news.[2]

Star Wars: A New Deficit (2007)Edit

Released on February 21, 2007. A displeased Emperor Palpatine arrives to discuss the progress of the operation.[3]

Star Wars: An Ill-Made Weapon (2007)Edit

Released on June 7, 2007.[4] With construction of the Death Star resumed, Grand Moff Tarkin has arrived to oversee the testing of the superlaser, and a new set of issues arise.[5] This film was nominated for Best Screenplay in the 2007 BAFAs.

Other Edit

The 2007 film Vader's Revenge by Arend Hintze is created in a similar style to the Death Star Trilogy films, and includes Philip Heinrich reprising his roles as Darth Vader and an imperial officer. This film was created to vent frustrations surrounding the LEGO Star Wars Movie Making Contest.