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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.
Coffee & Carnage
One serves coffee, the other serves carnage
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Directed by
  • Jonny Paquette
  • Joshua Hutchings
  • Casey Ruane
  • Dark Comedy
  • Action
  • Horror
Running time

Coffee & Carnage is a 2014 dark comedy horror brickfilm by Jonny Paquette. The story follows the many bizarre and gruesome events that crossover and interweave at the central location of a small diner.[1]


A man named Henry is asleep at his desk in his office when his melancholy friend, Will, comes in, having been summoned by Henry. Henry greets his friend, and asks him how he's doing, and Will responds that it's not a very good day, as his doctor just diagnosed him with cancer. The two chat, and then Henry pulls up a movie screen, and shows Will a series of increasingly disturbing images, that cause Will to throw up in a trash can. Will finishes, and pulls a gun on Henry, having had enough and wanting to know why he's there. Henry agrees, and pulls up a picture on the screen of a planet in space, and he explains that they just discovered the planet, and named it 'mystery planet'. He says that they were going to send in a team of scientists to investigate it, but that their leader died when his head mysteriously exploded, and he asks Will to step in as the new leader for the mission.

Meanwhile, a man sits inside his home, smoking and watching TV when the phone rings. He tells the person on the other end that he'll "put some aside for him", and that the person should come by, and pick it up in the morning. He hangs up, and finds a man inside his house. He threatens to call the police, but the man shoots him.

On Saturday, a father and his son, Biff, sit inside a cafe and eat, and the father tries to talk Biff, but it goes poorly as all Biff does is complain. The waiter takes Biff's order, and Biff is incredibly impolite. Biff orders lemonade, and the waiter leaves. He goes into the back room, and passes several dead bodies. He grabs a cup and has into the restroom, and gets some water from the toilet, and he then goes back out and gives it to Biff. Biff drinks his 'lemonade', and spits it out, and he verbally abuses the waiter, and the waiter leaves. Biff's father receives a call on his cell phone, and goes outside to take it. He sees a man who asks him for a needle, but he replies that he doesn't have one. They both hear a gunshot, and Biff's father says that that's the sound of freedom.

On Friday, The waiter walks into the cafe and talks with the bartender before the place opens. The bartender shares a story about an angry customer, and the waiter goes into the back to stat the ovens. Later, three men sit at a table and talk. The man who called his friend about the weed says that his friend is dead, and that he was shot inside of his house last night. One of the other men, Feck, begins tripping, and he sees the two others' heads as LEGO blocks. The waiter approaches their table and asks if he can get them anything, and Feck sees him as a stormtrooper, and he continues to spout nonsense. One of Feck's friends orders him a coffee, and the waiter leaves to get it. Feck suddenly has to go the bathroom, and he goes into the back, but sees some sugar. Hallucinating that the sugar is drugs, he begins to sniff it. A man named Charlie walks into the cafe and sits at the bar, and asks the bartender for a glass of water. He drinks the water, and begins telling the bartender about he girl he met on a dating website. Inside the kitchen, the waiter finds Feck passed out on the floor, and the kitchen phone rings. He answers it, and the woman who was supposed to meet Charlie, named Charlotte, is on the other end. She says that she can't make it to her appointment wit him, and she asks if he can pass along the message to him. The waiter agrees, and hangs up. The waiter comes out and jokingly tells Charlie that Charlotte can't make it because she hates him. Charlie becomes depressed and begins to doubt why he even bothered, but the waiter says he was just kidding. Charlie doesn't listen, and the waiter tries to help him, but he grabs a knife from the bar and cuts off his own head with it. One of Feck's friends asks for a napkin, and the waiter says they're busy. He asks for the check, and the waiter cusses at him. The waiter and the bartender then hide Charlie's body in the kitchen.

With the Charlie's bloody, mutilated corpse sitting on their kitchen counter, the waiter and bartender struggle to decide what to do. The waiter says that the bartender should handle this, as it's his bar, so the bartender agrees, and he goes back out to the bar, where he finds a police officer examining the bloody area where Charlie's body was. The bartender says that it's just ketchup, and the dim-witted police officer believes him, and seats himself on a clean seat. the bartender returns to the kitchen, and the waiter says they should dispose of the body by feeding it to their customers bit by bit. Feck suddenly wakes up.

Later, Biff's father drives his car. At night, the cafe is packed with customers, along with Feck and his friends. Inside the kitchen, the waiter slowly chops up and cooks Chalie's body while reasoning it all out in his head. Biff's father walks into the restaurant and mets another man at a table, and the two discuss something ominous. They finally put it out in the open; Biff's father is hiring this man to kill Biff, his son. The man instructs him to bring Biff to the restaurant tomorrow so that he can shoot him. Slowly, people begin to leave, and finally, the restaurant closes.

Elsewhere, three men in masks walk down a street, and shoot a homeless man that asks them for change. They walk into the restaurant, and the waiter asks what they're doing. They take off their helmets, and tell him that it's not his business. The men identify themselves as the Coffee Collectors demand that he hand over all of his coffee to them, as they believe his coffee defiles the name of coffee. One of the men bites off the waiter's hand, and the leader instructs the man to finish him. The waiter quickly dives behind the bar, and grabs the shotgun, and he blows a hole in the man's chest, and the man falls back, dead. The leader says that he'll be back, and he and the other man leave. The waiter remarks that they keep getting 'free food' (dead bodies), and he takes the dead man to the kitchen.

On Saturday, Biff and his father dine in the restaurant, along with the man that Biff's father met the night before. The waiter goes into the kitchen, and begins cooking part of their new dead body. Charlotte arrives, and asks the bartender for a glass of water, saying she's meeting someone. The waiter finishes a burger, made of the dead Coffee Collector member for the man with Biff's father, and he brings it to him. As the hitman prepares to kill Biff, the bartender and Charlotte talk, and Charlotte ventures into the kitchen, she finds the waiter, who is getting ready to chop up and cook Charlie's head. She sees the waiter with the knife, as well as Charlie's disembodied head, and is horrified. She runs out of the kitchen to call the police, just as the hitman takes a bite of his burger. He is disgusted by the burger, and he begins to gag. He falls onto the floor, and sees Biff, but just as he is about of shoot Biff, Charlotte runs in front of Biff on accident, and he shoots her in the face instead. Blood splashes on Biff, and he runs out screaming, as the waiter and bartender watch. He finds his father outside, but his father says that he;s supposed to be dead, and he explains to Biff just how much he annoys him. Biff and his father begin to argue, but a car suddenly drives by and hits Biff's father, running over him and driving away.

Two men driving down the road stop and find Biff's father, who is still clinging to life. They argue over what to do with him, and they agree to help him.

The scene then shifts to a missing reel of the film, in which Batman and Two-Face are inside a building discussing food. A man runs in, being chased by one of the Coffee Collectors, and the Coffee Collector shoots Two-Face in the head. He chases the man into another room, where two thugs are hanging out with guns. The Coffee Collector breaks down their door, and they engage in a brief, brutal shootout, and the Coffee Collector kills them both. He chases the man into an alley, and the man is stopped by a guard standing outside of a door. He shoots the guard in the neck, and the man runs through the door, past the dead guard.

Inside the cafe, the bartender and waiter cut up a body in the kitchen, as customers begin to flow in. Live music plays in the restaurant, and many of the regular customers show up. The Coffee Collector continues to chase his target, through a long hallway, as the waiter and bartender continue to cut up bodies in the kitchen. The Coffee Collector chases the man into the restaurant, and the audience turns and sees them. The Collector fires, and hits a bystander in the face, as the waiter and bartender continue their horrible deeds in the kitchen, unaware of the bloodshed going on outside. A large, brutally bloody shootout ensues in the restaurant, in which several bystanders pull out guns and shoot others for no reason, and the Coffee Collector kills many people. The lead singer in the band sees the other members of his band die, and, unable to live without his friends, take out a knife and cuts of his own head. The Collector points his gun at his target, but finds that he's out of bullets, so he knocks the man out and leaves.

Biff and another customer talk and drink with the bartender, but Biff spills his drink on himself, and the other man, in an attempt to hep, unwittingly stabs Biff in the face. Biff runs out of the restaurant screaming, and is hit by a car. The police arrive at the restaurant and find the Coffee Collector dead outside of the restaurant. The two cops go into the restaurant, and shoot Biff's killer in the head. The waiter comes out of the back, and one of the cops shoots off his other hand, seeing the blood on his shirt. The bartender tells them that it was ketchup, and he cops leave. As the waiter lies in pain on the floor, the bartender asks him if he wants to close early tonight, and he agrees.


Coffee & Carnage started production in 2005. It was animated over three years, but was not fully edited and released until 2014.[2]


  • Jonny Paquette as Henry, Will, Weed, Charlotte, Coffee Cult Leader, Biff Senior, Various
  • Casey Ruane as Biff, George
  • Jason Brown as Chef
  • Joshua Hutchings as Miller, Floyd, Two-Face, Assistant Cop
  • Tim Blake as Charlie
  • Keelan Cosgrave as Female Zombie, Waiter, Feck, Police Chief
  • Lane Meyer as Mike, Hitman
  • Matt Graham as Junky
  • Ed Lane as Male Zombie


Awards Edit

Coffee and Carnage was nominated for six awards in the 2014 Bricks in Motion Awards. Jonny Paquette as the bartender received the nomination for Best Vocal Performance.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2014 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Film Won
Best Screenplay Won
Best Cinematography Won
Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Vocal Performace Nominated
Best Ensemble Performace Won


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