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Bricks In Motion
The Bricks in Motion logo
Founded by
Current Admin
Years Active
2001 - 2005
2008 - Present
Website Type
  • Forum
  • Film Directory
  • Resources
Language English

Bricks in Motion (also known as is a website focused on the art of brickfilming.

It is an online community that lets brickfilmers interact with each other by sharing their films, rating each other's films and helping each other by giving advise/tips about filming. They also host a variety of competitions throughout the year

History Edit


The intended logo of

References Edit

Brickfilming websites · Cool Brick Movies · BrickBoard · Palikkatakomo · Bricks in Motion · Brick à Brack · WMBF · Brickfilmer's Guild · The Set Bump · ReBrick

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