Bricks in Love II
The hosts introduce the lesson on love
Directed by
Steffen Troeger and Sandra Abele
  • Steffen Troeger
  • Sandra Abele
  • Romance
  • Comedy
Running time
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Bricks in Love II (German: Verliebte Steine II) is a 2007 comedic romance brickfilm by Steffen Troeger and Sandra Abele about a TV show presenting 20 tips for a happy relationship.[1] It is the sequel to Bricks in Love from 2005 (although it is in a completely different style to that film) and it was an entry to Steinerei 2007. All of the dialogue in the film is spoken in both English and German because it was originally planned as a wedding film for a German and American couple.[2]

Plot Edit

A TV show called Tele-College begins, and two hosts welcome the viewers to a bi-lingual lesson for lovers and newly-weds, with one speaking in English and the other speaking in German. They explain that they have 20 good ideas for a happy life together, and each one is visualised with a sequence featuring a couple:

  1. Start every day with a kiss.
  2. Go out together.
  3. Accept the fact that your partner is different.
  4. Caress each other.
  5. Give each other presents.
  6. Hold hands.
  7. Make breakfast for your partner.
  8. Call each other during the day.
  9. Enjoy your free time together.
  10. Say "I love you" over and over again.

    "I love you!"

  11. Give each other back massages.
  12. Send a postcard for no particular reason.
  13. Surprise each other.
  14. Stick together.
  15. Laugh with each other.
  16. Be your own superheroes.
  17. Share your bananas.
  18. Let yourself go.
  19. Hold your future in your hands.
  20. Be strong together.

The hosts thank the viewers for watching the lesson and the show ends.

Credits Edit

  • Steffen Troeger and Sandra Abele - Animation, Set Design, Sound Design, Music
  • Daniela Neuy, Jochen Stoeckle, Mary-Jane Martin - Thanks

Awards Nominations Edit

Bricks in Love II was nominated for one award in the 2007 Brick Award for Film Arts awards.

Year Competition Category Result
2007 Brick Award for Film Arts Best Set Design Nominated

References Edit

  1. Bricks in Love II on YouTube
  2. Bricks in Love II release thread

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