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"The Four Monkeys"
Years Active
2011 - Present
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The Brickfilmer's Guild (also known as the BFG) is a brickfilming blog and resource website created by "The Four Monkeys". The website also hosts the annual Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival.

History Edit

Elgg site Edit

The Brickfilmers Guild was opened in early 2011 as an Elgg social network. Users could become 'friends' with each other and share their films, images and blog posts. The site intended to complement other existing brickfilming websites.[1]

By September 2011, a prominent Administrators Blog had been added to the site, showcasing brickfilming news and events.[2]

Weebly site Edit

In December 2014, the Elgg site was replaced by a new site hosted on Weebly.[3] The site retained its member list although members no longer had individual profiles on the site with only a link to their YouTube channels remaining. A 4 tier level system was added with users given the titles of "Apprentice", "Craftsman", "Journeyman" or "Master".[4]

The site's main focus is now its Brickfilming Events and News Blog.[5]

The Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Edit

Main article: Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival

The Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival (originally called the Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival) is a brickfilm awards ceremony that has been hosted annually on the site since 2012. Anyone can submit an entry to the festival as long as their film was made in the year of the festival.[6]


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