Avant-Garde Contest
The contest logo, designed by Philip Heinrich
Start Date September 7, 2009
End Date July 25, 2010
Entries 34

The Avant-Garde Contest was a brickfilming contest hosted by Philip Heinrich between 2009 and 2010. It was the second major official Bricks in Motion contest following the Space, Time and Reality Contest. It was followed by the Tales of Yore Contest, which started later in 2010. With a running time of close to eleven months, it is the second-longest ever successful brickfilming contest.


The contest was announced on September 7, 2009, less than a month since the results of the Space, Time and Reality Contest had been released, with a deadline of July 25, 2010.[1] The very long running time of the contest was intended to allow entrants as much time as might be needed to perfect their entries. The contest had three sponsors, BrickLink seller Cincinnati Bricks, brick printing and engraving service CJB Graphics and animation software company Dragon Stop Motion.

The theme of the contest was intended to encourage innovative brickfilms, without specifying a particular genre of film. The announcement stated:

"The central idea is to create something that is innovative and pushes the boundaries of what has been done before. We want you to reconsider the standard conventions of brickfilming as it is now and create a film that is unique and, on some level, does things that haven't been done in a brickfilm before. Your film can be experimental and surreal, or simply use new techniques and kinds of storytelling that we probably have not seen before."
- Avant-Garde Contest Announcement

The minimum time limit for entries was 30 seconds of animation. There was no maximum time limit. Films were not permitted to include any unauthorised copyrighted content. The contest received 34 qualifying entries.[2]

Judging and PrizesEdit

The contest entries were judged by a panel in the categories of Concept and Presentation, with their final score being an average of the two categories.[2] The judging panel consisted of Randy Yard, Nikolas Jaeger and Philip Heinrich. The results were announced on August 13, 2010, first in IRC and then on the forum.[3]

Each of the top three would receive a LEGO trophy with their name, provided by CJB Graphics as well as store credit for CJB Graphics, $20, $15 and $10 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. They would also receive store credit for Cincinnati Bricks, $125 for 1st, $75 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd. Finally, the first place winner would receive a copy of Dragon Stop Motion 2.0 (known today as Dragonframe) and a Blue Snowball microphone.


Top 10
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Top 20
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Place Film Name Director
1. Zombie: Genesis Jonathan Vaughan
2. Mr. Bad Frame Loïc Fontaine-Boivin
3. No Title 17 "A."
4. Jon Clark - Odd Jobs David Clark
5. Ye Giants of Olde "Ancient Bricks"
6. The Magician Zach Macias
7. Crime Stories David Boddy
8. Metamorphosis David Pickett
9. Amnesia Tom Gudde and Stijn Heirstrate
10. Colour Jon Rolph
11. Studless Freedom Timothy Ratner
12. The After Life Experience Sean Willets
13. Brick Battle John Eggers and Daniel Eggers
14. New Friendly Brenden "brenden17" Moore
15. Sdrawkcab Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
16. Just Me and Myself Calen "ct45211" Coates
17. It's a Pleasure to Meet You Devin "NiceGuy1130" Walsh
18. The Hero Jonni Phillips
19. Can You Find It Nathan "nate13545" Jarrett
20. Home for Supper Matthew "KinzCove" Tierney
Brick World Brian "Peanut" Ambrose
After Twenty Years Chandler "jogopoco" Versluis

Trailer ContestEdit

A trailer contest was held to accompany the main Avant-Garde contest shortly before the end of the contest.[4] The prize was a Bricks in Motion t-shirt. Seven trailers were submitted, which were judged by public vote.[5] The winner was Sean Willets.[6]


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