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SmallMedal Honor favorite big America: Outlawed
The bandits enter the saloon
Directed by
  • Western
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Drama
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Language English
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America: Outlawed is a 2007 brickfilm western by Doug Vandegrift that follows the exploits of the bandit Flatfoot and his crew.


Fugitive Flatfoot Thompson is sentenced to death by hanging, after being accused of murdering General Watson. Just as he's about to be hanged, he is rescued by his sidekick, Black Bart, who shoots down the rope. Flatfoot then quickly grabs a rifel from the soldier next to him and rides off on a horse that Black Bart prepared for him. With the two criminals on the loose, it is now up to Colonel Caron to try and track them down.

Word spreads of the fugitives, and wanted signs are starting to be placed bearing Flatfoot's face. In Gold City Junction, Sheriff Thatchet is placing some of the signs around the city, when he is met by the local mayor. The mayor asks the sheriff to aid him in his campaign for tougher security laws. The sheriff said that he was too busy, investigating who murdered General Watson. Then the mayor insists that he stop right away, because he said that everybody knew that Flatfoot was the culprit. The sheriff argued that there wasn't enough evidence, but in the end, the mayor eventually persuaded him to help him in his campaign.

A little later, everybody gathered in the town hall, to hear a speech by the mayor. His speech was rather a controversial one, as he criticised the southern soldiers, coming to their towns and taking what ever they wanted. He wanted to campaign for the creation of a new Manifest Destiny, breaking the devide of the states, by obtaining the entire US as one state. But instead of receiving a big cheer, everyone stood in silence, unsure what to think of his ideas.

Meanwhile out in the desert, Flatfoot and Black Bart come across an old abandoned mine. They think it's a safe place to hide, until they see a man, pointing a gun at them. He asks the two men who they are. They pretend to be calm, before Black Bart shoots the stranger in the foot, which causes him to drop his gun. They then quickly grab hold of him.

Plot still in progress......

Cast Edit

  • Doug Vandegrift Sr. as Flatfoot, Mayor, Indian Chief, Poker Player
  • Mike Downing as Black Bart, Sheriff Thatchet
  • Alicia Dyer as Miss Daisy Peach


Production Edit

Awards Edit

work in progress

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