The logo of the eighth 8*8*8
Annual competition
  • "Ministorm Production",
    8*8*8 1, 2, 6
  • Bruno Lefèvre,
    8*8*8 3, 7
  • "MilkMan",
    8*8*8 4
  • "SwapStudio",
    8*8*8 5
  • "Bloc-mirrior",
    8*8*8 7
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2010 - present

The 8*8*8 contest is an annual brickfilming contest hosted on Brick à Brack. The aim of the contest is to create a brickfilm where all LEGO featured remains within a space measuring 8 studs in length and width and 8 bricks in height. It was first hosted in 2010 by "Ministorm Production" and has been hosted by various others since, with "Ministorm Production" returning as the host for the sixth 8*8*8 in 2014. No prizes are given for the contest, although a recurring joke is to list the prize for winning as an "imaginary box of chocolates".

The First 8*8*8 ContestEdit

The first 8*8*8 Contest was hosted by "Ministorm Production" from 14 February 2010[1] to 1 March 2010[2]. Films were were required to adhere to a minimum time limit of 10 seconds and a maximum time limit of 45 seconds. The contest received 6 entries[3]. Judging was performed through an entrants' vote.

Top ThreeEdit

  1. Un de Trop - by "Shrikke"[4]
  2. 512 - by Bruno Lefèvre
  3. 8*8*8 = Problème? - by "Tapetonpseudo"

The Second 8*8*8Edit

The second 8*8*8 was hosted by "Ministorm Production" again in the same year as the first from 1 August 2010 to 20 October 2010[5]. The minimum and maximum time limits remained at 10 seconds and 45 seconds. 8 entries were received. Unlike the first iteration, the second 8*8*8 was judged by a panel of volunteer judges. This judging system would become the standard for future iterations of the contest. The judging panel consisted of "Ministorm Production", "Goj", "Tyrar", "Monstrounet", "Tibo", "Cinébrickeur" and Bruno Lefèvre.

Top ThreeEdit

  1. Curiosité - by "R-Creator"[6]
  2. Un oeuf dur a cuire... - by "Léo prod'"
  3. Plateforme - by "Shrikke"

The Third 8*8*8Edit


The logo of 8*8*8 3, the first iteration to have a logo

Starting from the third 8*8*8, the contest switched to an annual format. Bruno Lefèvre took over as the host for this iteration. It ran from 26 September 2011 to 30 November 2011[7]. The minimum time limit remained at 10 seconds, while the maximum was extended to 2 minutes. 5 entries were successfully submitted. The judging panel consisted of "Scrins Studio", "Sirkuraz", "Simonach", "Entrepotesstudio", "Borbag" and "Guswaye".

Top ThreeEdit

  1. 8*8*8 - by "Brick-Movie"[8]
  2. Just Dance! - by Maxime Baconnais
  3. La Poubelle - by "Scop Prod'"

The Fourth 8*8*8Edit

The fourth 8*8*8 was hosted by "MilkMan" from 14 September 2012 to 14 October 2012[9]. It received five entries[10]. For this iteration, the minimum time limit was increased to 30 seconds, with the maximum remaining unchanged at 2 minutes. The judges were Maxime Baconnais, "Goj", Vincent Benia, Mathieu Blangy, Bruno Lefèvre, "chococloud" and "Fantomat75".

Top ThreeEdit

  1. Comme un Hamster en Cage - by "Tippe"[11]
  2. Batman & Robin Failed dans: Un Redoutable Adversaire - by Sebastien Marlin
  3. Les Mathématiques - by "Tehkidah"

The Fifth 8*8*8Edit

The fifth 8*8*8 was hosted by "SwapStudio" from 29 September 2013 to 1 November 2013[12], receiving 10 entries. The minimum time limit was reverted back to 10 seconds. The judges were "Gil30", "Ken", "Eloisky" and "lego-man".

Top ThreeEdit

  1. Block-(é). - by "MilkMan"[11]
  2. L'Invasion Playmobil (Quoique...) - by "Legovideo10"
  3. In Ze Boite X - by "SCARE CROM"[13]

The Sixth 8*8*8Edit


Original host "Ministorm Production" returned as the host for the sixth 8*8*8 with Maxime Baconnais volunteering to assist in hosting during the contest.[14] The contest ran from 12 September 2014 to 25 October 2014[15], receiving 7 entries. This was the first iteration of 8*8*8 to have no maximum time limit. The minimum time limit remained at 10 seconds. The judges were Maxime Baconnais, "HawkStudio", Hernak Halamo, "BS Production" and "Ministorm Production".

Top ThreeEdit

  1. 23h59 - by "tutur"[14]
  2. Farewell - by Vincent Benia
  3. Under the Ice - by Mathieu Blangy

The Seventh 8*8*8Edit

The seventh 8*8*8 was hosted by "Bloc-mirrior" and Bruno Lefèvre and began on 3 April 2016[16] The original deadline was May 25, but this was later postponed to June 5.[17] The minimum time limit was 20 seconds. 8 entries were received.[18]

Top ThreeEdit

  1. Manque de Bol - by "Deltabrick"
  2. Minecraft 8*8*8 - by Clément Persicot
  3. Au Secours - by Théo Aron

The Eighth 8*8*8 Edit


The eighth 8*8*8 was hosted by Maxime Baconnais and ran from 18 February 2018 to 8 April 2018[19]. The minimum time limit is 15 seconds. 39 entries were received.[20]

Top Three Edit

  1. Octo Island - by Trevor Stevens
  2. Le Siècle Froid - Les Étoiles Bleues - by Théo Aron
  3. - by "Deltabrick"